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2018 IKF Muay Thai World Classic 

"Proud to announce my sponsorship with Octagon Sports Massage! This is going to be a huge game changer with being sponsored throughout this whole fight camp by a Licensed Neuromuscular Therapist.  She really has healing hands! I couldn't be more appreciative of her support because she really is a miracle worker. She has already increased my reach by stretching out my shoulder muscles, has increased my power by giving me full range of motion in my hips, and improved blood flow to sore muscles from training. She really knows the intricate details of the muscles, nerves, and body. Its not just a massage she stretches and manipulates you to loosen tight spots. She is amazing with a big heart and loves healing people. Whether your an everyday hard working person, you are into jiu jitsu, combat sports or any other sports she will work miracles I promise you that. She also trains in muay thai kickboxing and BJJ herself. Very excited to being kept fight ready by Octagon Sports Massage as I achieve my goal of 2018 IKF Muay Thai World Classic Champion!"

Josh "Danger" Marer

Spinal Fusion

A spinal fusion and hip replacement gives me some unexplained lower back and hip flexor discomfort/pain. Jennifer's knowledge of the body and how it functions as well as her commitment to help me has made such a big difference! To the point the pain/discomfort is very minimal. I even have total pain free days, of which I know I will have more of in the future. Thanks Jennifer!" Brigitte E.


"Jennifer has been working with me for a couple years now…Her attention to the details of what is truly bothering me makes for the most productive and therapeutic massages. She works stretching and flexibility into every massage to help make the massage portion more effective and I can truly feel a difference after each session. I also feel because of the extra attention to stretching that the effects of the massage are more long lasting than other massages I have received from other therapists. Jennifer has been a great find and I highly recommend her care and talents to anyone in need!" Scott B. 

Great Therapist

" When it comes to knowledge, Jennifer is at the forefront. Her intentional touch is nothing short of amazing. Not only does she know what the effect will be of every manipulation she makes, but she is able to clearly and simply what she did and what you should expect after the session." Courtney 

Great Deep Tissue Massage

Listen up athletes & active people... Jennifer does great deep tissue work at a great price. If you're looking for someone to really get in & work out the knots, Jennifer is the one. She can probably do a more "relaxing type" spa massage also, just not my thing. Highly recommended!

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