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Our Services

You may find that my prices are lower than many therapists...this is on purpose. I believe that massage therapy should not be priced to inaccessibility. I offer a sliding scale for those experiencing financial hardship ...please contact me for more information. Pricing for mobile therapy is based on travel and time of session. 

60 Min Massage       70.00

I recommend this length of service for a general tune up or a single specific issue to address.

90 Min Massage              95.00

If you're seeking full body relaxation as well as detailed attention to specific focus areas, I recommend a 90 minute massage session.

120 Min Massage          110.00

I recommend this length of massage for those who have more than one or two areas of pain and/or dysfunction. The 2 hour session is fantastic for incorporating relaxation and pain relief.

On Site : contact for pricing. 

This a great option if more than one athlete is looking to address issues, treat a problem area, or you simply want to reward teammates. This session is delivered with a chair, table, or both depending on space and need.

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